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Thanksgiving is the time of year to practice gratitude, spend time with family, eat way more than you thought possible, take copious naps, and, of course, enjoy some football.

But before all of the turkey and food-coma snoozes, take some time to show your subscribers you’re grateful for them with a Thanksgiving–themed newsletter campaign.

We’ve put together 10 great examples ofThanksgiving emails to give you some inspiration, along with tips for crafting the perfect message.

1. PetSmart

Besides the photos of adorable, furry faces, this email wins with some of its other treats, too. PetSmart found a fun way to personalize the message with “Happy Petsgiving.” They obviously know their subscribers have (and love) pets.

They take that a step further by encouraging them to use the hashtag #petsgiving to share photos on social media. That’s a shoe in to boost engagement and also gets their branding out to an even larger audience. Also, if you want to see pets in sweaters, make sure you check in on that hashtag.

It’s a simple message that stays true to their brand while building social interactions. That sounds like a winning recipe to us.

thanksgiving email


2. McAlister’s Deli Gives Back

The holidays are the time to not only think about what you’re thankful for, but it’s also for helping others who aren’t as fortunate. That feeling was what McAlister’s Deli was aiming for with their campaign.

A few years ago, McAlister’s Deli sent out this email encouraging their subscribers to nominate people to win their catering contest. This newsletter is effective for several reasons: While staying true to the brand, it highlights the company’s gratitude and philanthropic efforts, sticks to the theme of the Thanksgiving season, and encourages engagement.

Their email marketing campaign left customers with a feel-good sentiment and encouraged them to help others in need. It doesn’t get much better than that.

thanksgiving email

3. Anthropologie

Anthropologie created a fall-themed image to share with their subscribers on Thanksgiving that focuses on family first. It uses a simple but sweet message to show thanks to its customers.

This email is an example of how to create a short but effective Thanksgiving message that will resonate with subscribers.

thanksgiving email

4. Zagg

Customers are loyal to brands that are loyal to them — and that loyalty is what leads to retention. So what better day is there to show subscribers you’re thankful for them than with a simple Thank You?

thanksgiving email

5. Brooks Brothers

There are a few different layers to this Thanksgiving email that make it stand out in all of the right ways. Brooks Brothers is a good example of how to organically carry a holiday theme throughout the entire campaign.

They start with a simple Happy Thanksgiving message within eye-catching overhead food scene that helps build a relationship with their subscribers. From there, they share a pumpkin pie recipe from another company they are close to, connecting the recipe to their brand, even though they offer clothing.

The email ends with a way for their subscribers to give back to others, something on the minds of many around this time of year. Brooks Brothers make the different sections work with a simple design and sticking to a neutral color theme.

thanksgiving email

6. Kate Spade

We all appreciate it when we feel like the companies we interact with and/or buy from know us on a personal level. And it’s the brands that make those connections that will be successful.

Take this Kate Spade email. It features a colorful message that fans of the designer label can probably all relate to. It’s well-balanced, fun to look at, and easy to read. Anytime an email can achieve those things, you’ve done something right.

thanksgiving email

7. Plated

This email makes our list because it covers some of the key components of a successful campaign. It has a clean, catchy design and it also helps solve a problem for its audience with actionable information, tips, and answers to their cooking questions.

It sticks to the Thanksgiving theme, while also being true to the Plated brand. The message is basically a one-stop-shop for all of its subscribers’ Thanksgiving needs — from menu ideas and recipes to a scheduling cheat sheet. Anytime an email offers something of value to readers, it will help increase those engagement rates.

thanksgiving email

8. Nordstrom

Not every email needs an animated gif, but it’s nice to mix things up for a special-themed message on Thanksgiving like what Nordstrom does here.

The message lets subscribers know the store will be closed for the holiday in a fun way, while encouraging them to come out the next day to see their festive new decor. There’s also a discount to give them more motivation to come in and shop. And really, who doesn’t love colorful turkeys decorating a tree?

thanksgiving email

9. Urban Outfitters

We like this one from Urban Outfitters because it stands out from your typical Thanksgiving email and also features a fun play on words. Its design is eye-catching, simple, and also has a clear CTA at the bottom if people want to shop on their site.

They managed to do something a little different, which makes this campaign stand out from other holiday messages.

thanksgiving email

10. Toms

We all enjoy sitting around the table sharing with friends and family what we’re thankful for. Toms — which is known for giving back — puts a personal touch on that Thanksgiving tradition by showcasing what makes their employees feel grateful.

The email campaign helps give a face to their brand, while also sharing some inspiration from real people. But they don’t stop there: They also hint at a special offer they’ll send you tomorrow, as a way of saying thanks. That little carrot will keep subscribers’ eyes peeled for another email – a pretty slick marketing move.

thanksgiving email

thanksgiving email

Tips for Creating Thanksgiving Emails

Ready to cook up the perfect Thanksgiving email that will have your subscribers coming back for seconds? We’ve put together some of the key techniques to help make your campaign successful.

1. Remember the Theme

You’re sending a Thanksgiving email, not your normal message with a random turkey emoji. The whole message should be themed for Thanksgiving so it doesn’t look like an afterthought.

Yes, that does require some prior planning on your part, but we know you can do it. Figure out the type of message you want to send (ex. holiday discount, Thanksgiving greeting, etc.), and build the campaign from there.

Have fun with the Thanksgiving theme, and use content and images that work for your brand and the holiday. At Robly, we offer a variety of holiday-themed templates and design elements that allow you to create the perfect personalized email. Or, design one from the ground up that’s completely unique to your brand.

2. Dressing Up the Subject Line

Need help coming up with a catchy subject line for your Thanksgiving-themed email? Here are some ideas to use — and the more puns the better:

  • Open for a Deal You’ll Want to Gobble Up ?
  • Feast Your Eyes on These Holiday Deals
  • Happy Thanksgiving from COMPANY NAME ?
  • Dish Up: Take 40% Off!

Of course, the more you can personalize your subject line, the better. For example, if you have a home decor business, you could use “15 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations.”

3. When to Send

The best time to send your Thanksgiving-themed email depends on the type of message. (And don’t be scared to take both approaches and send multiple holiday emails.)

If your email is a one-day Thanksgiving sale, an inspirational message about being thankful, or just saying “Happy Thanksgiving,” you’ll want to send it early Thanksgiving Day.

However, if it’s something you want them to see before the holiday — like the DIY decorations example — you’ll want to send it several days ahead of time.

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving email that really caught your attention? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Lauren Dowdle is an award-winning writer and magazine editor based in Nashville, Tenn. Her nearly decade-long writing career has covered everything from landscaping to marketing.


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