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Tags are a powerful feature that will allow you to more effectively segment your audiences both for regular campaign sending as well as for robust automated journeys (which are also coming soon!). 

Read on to learn more about what tags are and how they’ll work.

What are Tags?

They are for internal record keeping; customers do not see their own tags. As we mentioned above, tags are most commonly used to organize contacts and serve as triggers for automated marketing campaigns. Common examples for how contacts are tagged could be by interest, purchase date, physical location, engagement (opens, clicks), or type (think: location in a sales funnel or monthly vs. yearly subscription plan).

Our new tag feature will allow you to mark contacts with a specific Tag upon import or manually.

How do they work?

Tags work by using data that you already have stored in your CRM or email list for your contacts. For example, add a tag to any contacts who have purchased from you in the last three months (Tag: “Recent Purchases”), anyone living in the state of California (Tag: California), and/or who are part of your customer loyalty program (Tag: “Loyalty Program”).

Once contacts are tagged, you can easily create a campaign or automated journey for that specific group of people. 

If you wanted to offer an incentive for your California customers who have purchased recently and are in your loyalty program, you could easily do so by creating one segment that includes all customers that match those tags. This type of segmenting and sending is how you can create hyper-targeted offers:

Once you’ve built your segment you can create an email campaign and send it to those customers:

This is just one of many examples of how tags can be used. 

You can use tags to keep different campaign types, lists, or segments organized and easily referenced. 

Tags can also help keep your sales teams, other departments, and responsibilities more clearly defined. 

Ultimately, you can make your marketing funnel much more efficient and powerful by targeting prospects and customers separately and really honing in on the type of marketing you provide to all your leads.

What are some ways you would use tags?

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