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add a first name to your emailsHow to add a first name is by far one of the most commonly asked questions we get in support.

While wowing your customers with personalization may require more than just adding a first name to your email campaign sends, you should still absolutely do this – it’s par for the course these days.

However, it is important to consider how often you use it – it’s not necessary every single time you send, and can be a turnoff for subscribers in the too-early stages of communication.

Fortunately in Robly, adding a merge tag for first name is insanely easy.

How to Add a First Name

All you have to do is tee up the text where you want the name to go (pop the word “Dear” or whatever salutation you want before the name), then just click the button that says Merge Tags in the text editor:

add a first name using merge tags

This will automatically insert the –FNAME– merge tag for you:

FNAME Merge Tag

How easy was that? You’re done!

Want to test it to make sure it’s working (don’t fret, we understand – we feel better seeing it with our own eyes, too)? Just send yourself a test email under Options:

Send a Test Email

The test email will display the first name for the default contact in your account – which is most likely the email address you signed up for your Robly account with.

Bonus Round

If you don’t have a first name for someone, the system will insert “Valued Customer” as a default. You can change that default greeting to anything you like under Contacts > Details > Fields & Tags.

Common alternatives for default tags that we’ve seen include:

Parents and Students
Advisors, Friends and Colleagues
Book Lover
Business Owner
Fun Seeker
Holiday Shopper
IT Pro
Real Estate Professional
There (ie, Hello There)
Travel Enthusiast
Valued Client
Valued Supporter
Valued Volunteer

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— Anne Vickman

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