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The happier your customers are, the more money they’ll spend on your products and services.

This is the reason today’s leading organizations are investing significantly in customer success, doing everything within their power to ensure optimal customer experiences in each interaction. In fact, 72% of businesses say that customer success is a top priority.

Leading customer success teams are able to reduce churn below 1%, which increases the average customer lifetime value across the organization.

What exactly are these leading teams doing? We did some digging to find out. Here are seven customer success trends that are transforming businesses across the country.

1. Treat customers like people — not robots

In our increasingly digital world, it’s more important than ever to deliver a personal touch. Speak to your customers as humanly as possible. Don’t be robotic. When your customers reach out to you, don’t make them hop between a million menus to try to track down a human. Make things as easy as possible and never forget that people like dealing with other people.

2. Understand who your customers are

Not all customers are the same. Each one comes from a different background and has different motivations and needs. Collect data and feedback from your customers so that you understand them better and can therefore communicate to each of them more effectively. The better you’re able to solve your customers’ unique problems, the more customer success you’ll enjoy.

customer success

3. Automate and personalize emails based on customer usage patterns

Use an email marketing tool that enables you to send personalized messages at the perfect times (Robly AI does exactly that). Try A/B testing to see which of your tactics are working the best and continue refining your approach to get even better results.

4. Track and prioritize customer feedback

Don’t just ask for feedback. Put the best feedback to use by turning requests and ideas into reality. When feedback comes in, prioritize it based on frequency and quality; use a project management tool like Trello to track all feedback so nothing slips through the cracks. When customers see that you’re actually leveraging their feedback, they will feel personally tied to your product — a win-win scenario.

customer success

5. Implement customer success tools

There’s no sense in making your job any harder than it needs to be. Use customer success tools like Zoe from Totango or the GainSight platform with your CRM to cultivate stronger relationships and deliver more value.

6. Use chatbots to deliver round-the-clock support

Have you noticed that more and more businesses handle customer support interactions via chatbots? Not only are chatbots extremely cost-effective, they also provide a better customer experience and therefore increase customer success. Customers can get help the moment they need it, whenever that happens to be. Just make sure you test it yourself first to get a sense for how well it answers questions.

7. Foster a culture that is focused on customer success  

Succeeding in your customer success efforts requires more than just lip service. You need to live and breathe customer success in order to achieve the results you desire. To do that, create a culture that understands the importance of customer success. Hire dedicated customer success people who focus exclusively on enhancing the customer experience and asking for and delivering on feedback.

customer success

In the world of customer success, a few changes can go a long way. What tricks does your team use to drive results? We’d love to hear them!

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